StoryShout, Your News Content Marketing Agency

Tired of publishing blog and content on your website that doesn’t bring traffic or engaged customers?

StoryShout offers content marketing with a journalism twist. Get ahead of the competition with news content on your site that makes an impact.


News is one of the most consumed and shared content online today:


of Americans get their news online versus TV, radio, or print.


of men and 92% of women aged 25-44 read digital news on a regular basis.


still prefer written news over video

Get unique news stories by experienced writers tailored to your business.

Instead of industry news outlets that sell pre-written, syndicated stories that can appear on hundreds of different websites, our writers specialize in covering news specifically for your website.

No more worrying about duplicate content penalties or having the same content as your competitor. Our news content is 100% original for your audience.


Ready to work with StoryShout on an effective content strategy that works?