Marketers who focus on blogging are 13x more likely to benefit from an optimistic ROI. So how can you use this information to help grow your business? A continued focus on content marketing can be the difference between gaining new customers and closing up shop.

While the idea that content marketing is vital to your business may not be revolutionary, a strategy for keeping up with fresh content would be a game changer for most businesses.

To help with this common problem, we’ve amassed the below content marketing tips to help inspire your next blog post!:

Never Lose Sight of The Goal

After you’ve written you’re 100th blog post about marketing tips, it can be tough to remember why you’re doing it in the first place. But here’s what you need to focus on: Content drives traffic and traffic drives your business.

Don’t Get Stuck on The Vehicle

It’s common for marketers to think that they need to focus on email newsletters, blog posts, or infographics but really, content is anything that adds value to your audience. So let your imagination run wild and think outside the box.

Always Consider User Experience

Digital marketing has many technical components so many marketers can find themselves stuck in the details. Rather than overly honing in on perfecting your SEO, make sure you’re offering an enjoyable customer experience and the rest will come.

Word Counts Come And Go

People care about what you have to say and not how long it takes you to say it. If you can clearly articulate your points in 300 words don’t use 1000.

Who Are Your Talking To

It doesn’t matter if your target audience is marketing newbies or industry professionals. Determine who you’re writing for and continue to write for them. You don’t need to write content for everyone but you want everyone who reads your content to care about it.

Put Your Best Face Forward

How are you drawing people towards your content? Are your headlines engaging? Are you sharing interesting stats in the first sentence? First impressions get people to read your content the first time and valuable information keeps them coming back.

Content Marketing Is A Team Sport

Does your business have a blog manager? Are you the sole source of content? Beware of blogging burnout and instead start thinking of creative ways to bring others into your content creation. Guest posts, infographics, Q&A, and live video are just a few different ways to share the content creation burden with your team.

Reuse And Recycle

If you’re routinely spending hours on creating content it can be so disheartening to realize your blog post got less than 20 views. Instead of writing it off as a loss, continue to reference it in new posts and re-post it on social media.

Consider Your ROI

You may love creating infographics but if they’re taking you 5+ hours to complete and people aren’t engaging with them, you may want to reconsider your strategy. This doesn’t mean you need to abandon infographics but you may need to tweak your topics or frequency.

What’s The Takeaway

Congrats! You just wrote a kick-butt 2,000-word blog post but will your audience remember the takeaway at the end? Audiences are inundated with thousands of pieces of content so make yours stand out by consistently providing a clear takeaway that they can grow to rely on.

Let us know which tips your found most helpful and share any that you think we missed!


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