It’s Thursday night and you glance at the clock and realize it’s 9 pm and you have a blog post that needs to go live in the morning. Rather than living with the panic, you must be feeling, choose to outsource this part of your business to someone else!

Before you call us crazy, let us explain. While blogging is a personal part of your business, it’s a highly important part. And if done well, can greatly impact your business in a positive way. Here are 3 reasons you should consider:

Know Your Limits

If you’re constantly racing around in a million directions, you’re probably not giving your blog the attention that it needs. Instead of becoming a creative outlet for your business to express its expertise, it’s continually getting pushed to the bottom of the “to-do” list.

By hiring someone, you’re giving yourself some time back. This time can be devoted to other things like payroll, marketing, or sneaking out of the office a little early for a date night.

Focus on Your Strengths

We’re not all writers and that’s okay. Seriously, it is! If you know a blog could help your business but you don’t know the difference between an Oxford comma and Oxford the school, you’ve got a problem.

Rather than spending all of your time editing in Grammarly, hire a freelance writer. They are professionals at this sort of thing. And bonus, they can help answer any of your grammar questions, helping you to elevate your email game even further.

Maintain Control

Depending on how you set-up your freelance writer, you can still have all the control and final say. So if you’re worried that by giving up the blog you’re losing your voice, think again.

It’s common for companies to give blog topic ideas to their writers or they allow writers to submit topic ideas. Either way, you pick and choose the topics you want. You can always set-up a system where you have a built-in buffer in the off-chance that you don’t like the topic your writer chose.

We know that writing is easier said than done so if you’re still wanting some help, we’d be happy to give you a hand!

Or, if you want to learn more about our writing process or our writing services, reach out to us here!

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