Happy Fall Y’all!

Now if that wasn’t basic enough for you, I don’t know what is! Joking aside, fall is a magical season! Change is in the air… literally, temperatures are dropping and leaves are changing color. Typically visions of fall are accompanied with daydreams of sipping cider, pumpkin patches, and flannel… but it’s time for some new daydreams.

Instead of thinking of fall as it pertains to our free time, why not consider how it can accompany our marketing plans? Not only is that a fun and creative challenge, but it could also be great for business!

Here we highlight some easy ways to incorporate this special season into your marketing plans!


This is an obvious one but it’s so easy and impactful we couldn’t ignore it! Take a break from your traditional color staples and incorporate some burnt orange and burgundy into the mix. It gives a subtle nod to the season while spicing up your Instagram feed.


Warning your clients of a potential issue or scam in your email marketing? Incorporate Halloween with your choice of language. Is your next memo all about avoiding shadow bans on social media? Tease the topic in the subject line by promising a solution to this “spooky” problem.


Are you planning on running a promotion? Make it fun by providing some on-theme content. If you’re hosting a sweepstakes, use a fall theme. Are you hosting a contest? Have followers submit a photo of the best fall leaf they’ve seen so far.


You’re not the only one who wants to take advantage of this time of year in your marketing. Remember that all of your competitors want to do the same! Stay one step ahead by updating all of your alt text to include the necessary fall keywords.

Pop Culture

At a loss for words? Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words! Memes are viral for a reason; people relate! No need to recreate the wheel here either. Find a fall-themed meme and share it. The likes are sure to roll in.

We know that content marketing is easier said than done so if you’re still wanting some help, we’d be happy to give you a hand!

Or, if you want to learn more about our writing process or our writing services, reach out to us here!

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