It’s embarrassing to admit, but I was super late to the Medium party.

I mean, it kills me to say that it wasn’t until this year that I first learned of Medium. Unfortunately for me, the rest of the writing world had been taking advantage of this platform since the launch in late 2012. Yeesh.

So what’s the big deal about Medium? Medium is a social platform that centers around the sharing of long-form writing. People and companies alike share original content to their accounts in hopes to push more traffic to their articles. With people creating more content than ever before, Medium can be a useful tool in finding an interested audience.

So why join now? Well, there’s a multitude of reasons why Medium can help jumpstart the number of views an article but understanding the platform and its benefits are the first step to propelling your work forward.

No Annoying Import Process

If there is one thing I hate in this world, it’s uploading content. Waiting on images or documents continues to be the bane of my existence. But luckily, Medium makes it easy. Once on the site, you can easily pull your content from its original home to share on Medium by clicking on “Import a story.”

Then you just enter the web address of your chosen piece and voila! You are done.


Gain A New Audience

Growing a social media base can be an arduous journey for most of us. Medium can help speed up the number of followers you have in a short amount of time. But posting your content on a site specifically for long-form content, you are actively engaging with a like-minded audience. The search capabilities make it easy to find and connect with peers, potentially resulting in new followers across multiple platforms.

Authors can tag their articles with relevant tags highlighting the main themes of the content, making it easier to find certain subjects.

No New Content Needed

Writing new content can seem a long process but when you can simply recirculate your content, why wouldn’t you choose to do that? Many marketers agonize over having unique content specific to each site but with Medium, just imagine you are giving your current content a facelift. Your article may be just fine but you simply hoping to gain more eyes. Re-posting on Medium might just be the way to make an older post go viral.

Big Brother (We Mean You) Is Watching

Have you ever noticed that all Medium always shares how long an article takes to read? One of the coolest features of Medium is the intelligence you receive on the back end. For example, you can determine how many people read to the end of your post, how long it took each person, and what the average is. This helps your audience know what they are getting into while you can see how attentive your audience is.

Your Eyes Will Love You

Next time you are scrolling through Medium, really look at it. It has an amazing user interface. It’s clean and well organized so that you can quickly find exactly what you are seeking. Writing on the platform is a joy. There are few distractions, a minimalistic aesthetic, and a painless posting process.

Google Gets It

One of the main concerns regarding Medium is its effect on SEO. Now marketers can sleep at night because Google actually understands the straightforward indexing of the site. Because articles are indexed in a practical way, Google is able to easily find articles, resulting in high-ranking. This ultimately brings more attention to the content and subsequently boosts engagement.

So hop on the Medium train sooner rather than later because if not, we promise that you’ll be kicking yourself later.

Questions about how Medium can help your business? Wondering how to create content for your Medium account? StoryShout can help you and your business today! Reach out to us here.

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