If you’ve gone through your friends’ Instagram stories this past week, you’ve probably noticed some of them using a new feature. Yep, that little question box is the newest feature to hit the ‘gram.

So what’s the big deal about this little Q&A feature? A number of things! Not only is it interesting for personal use, it’s a way for brands to encourage further engagement.

In honor of the Q&A feature release, we’re doing an FAQ of our own regarding this update:

Instagram Question Sticker FAQs

Q: How is this different than screen-shotting DM’s?

A: You may have noticed that influencers, celebrities, and bloggers have already been doing this in a more roundabout way. The method was to screenshot a picture of a question asked in a DM. From there, the influencer would type their response on the screenshot and post the image to their followers.


Q: How is this better than screen-shotting DM’s?

A: Before, influencers always had to take care to hide the identity of the person asking the question, which was typically done by scribbling out the person’s image and username. However, there was always the risk that the influencer might forget to edit out the details, revealing who asked the question. Now, influencers can share the response via screenshot BUT the details are hidden.


Q: How do I find the new question sticker?

A: You can find the feature in the sticker drawer!


Q: How do I see the replies?

A: Just as you would see who has viewed your story, you will find the responses to this sticker there.


So, are you ready to tackle Instagram questions? How are you going to use it to help grow your social media presence?

We want to know all about it! Reach out to us at StoryShout if you have any questions or concerns!

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