Maybe it’s the Monday blues or the Hump Day snooze, but we can sense a melt-down coming from a mile away. Before you let your fatigue or anxiety get the best of you, beat those tell-tale-signs of a temper tantrum head on.

Don’t get us wrong, sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to take a breather¬†but let us help make it a productive break. Here’s what to do when it’s “just one of those days!”

Treat Yourself

Sick of seeing the #treatyoself hashtag? Same here but… we really shouldn’t just keep glancing over it. Treating yourself can be as easy as splurging on a Venti Starbucks order or investing in some new shoes. No matter what the treat is, it’s a good way to take your mind off of the very things bringing you down.

Attack The Solution, Not The Problem

We know this might sound weird but rather than focusing on how “unfair” the problem might be, spend your energy finding a solution. If a solution just isn’t coming to mind, find a partner to help you solve it. But make sure it doesn’t just turn into a venting session to keep things productive.

Do It Over

Refuse to let your day be “just one of those days.” Did you mess up during your morning meeting? Get a “do-over.” Before you roll your eyes at this suggestion, just think about it! Grab the key stakeholder on their way to fill up their coffee in the afternoon. Re-pitch whatever your idea was in a way that makes you proud. Nobody is perfect so just try again.

Ask For Help

Don’t be too proud to ask for help! There’s absolutely¬†nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed and letting someone know. But ask for smart help. Instead of reciting a laundry list of tasks you need to do, delegate the right activities to the right parties. Once the “aces are in their places,” you’re free to tackle your deliverables.

Go To Bed

Our problems can seem so much bigger at night. Don’t let yourself get carried away by your misfortune at 10 pm. Instead, force some shut-eye so that when you wake up, you’re giving yourself your best chance with a positive and focused vision.

Be Kind To Yourself

Last but not least, give yourself a break every once in a while. It’s impossible to go and go and go with no break. Know when to say “uncle” and forgive yourself when you need to. You’ll be much happier and more effective in the long run!


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