Whether you’re a fashion blogger or the writer for your company’s blog, you know how important a blog is for your future success. But do you know how often you should blog? Or how many words your blog post should be?

If you’ve ever asked yourself those same questions, you are far from alone. We’ve wondered the exact same thing!

That’s why we are using this blog post to answer your common blog question. We’re sure that after you read this post, you’ll finally have answers! Keep reading below for the first common blog question and answer:

How Often Should You Blog?

Since you’re reading this post, we feel comfortable sharing our opinion so here’s what about how often you should post new content.

We know that there are tons of articles out there on the web like this one, this one, and even this one, but they all give different opinions. So how do you decide who to listen to?

A great way to learn what to do is to mirror what a successful blog does. Let’s take Huffington Post for example. They post new blog content more often than every minute. Whoa. That’s a ton. So how can you compare?

You should blog as often as possible without allowing your blog’s quality suffers. What we mean by that is that although Huffington Post has the resources to post every 58 seconds, you shouldn’t mirror that unless each post is well planned, researched, and executed.

So if you can churn out high-quality content daily, great. But if you need two weeks, three weeks, or four weeks, there’s no shame in that. Some of the world’s most popular bloggers post content every six weeks.

Don’t lose sight that the goal is to create content that your audience will relate to, want to read, and engage with.

How Long Should Your Blog Post Be?

“Your blog should never be longer than 300 words.” “Blog posts should be between 500 and 800 words.” “People won’t trust you until you prove that you’re an expert on the topic so make sure you always write over 2000 words.”

Anyone else feel like they’ve heard the same above statements? We have and it stresses us out! It’s hard to search through all the noise and find the right answer when so many “experts” have contradicting advice.

My advice isn’t a number goal and is instead a results goal. If you want to get people reading, engaging, and commenting on your blog post, keep it short. However, if you want to be seen as a thought leader on a given topic, be prepared to watch your word count soar past the 2000 mark.

Overall, it’s important that you think about what you want from your blog posts and adjust your blog post accordingly. We think this article does a great job of highlighting which blog post length achieves what kind of result.

Does Your Featured Image Matter?

We don’t need to remind you that a picture is worth a thousand words but we will. Your featured image is pivotal for catching your audience’s attention for several reasons.

First, it tells a reader what the post is about without them needing to read a word. If I see a picture of a purse, I am thinking it’s an article about purses, fashion or, at the minimum, is shopping related.

Featured images can also reinforce brand image. If you always use a certain font, color, or graphic design, it adds consistency and lets your audience better get to know your brand personality.

Finally, a strong-featured image can simply catch your reader’s eye while their scrolling past other blog posts. So take the time to choose a high-quality image (make sure to attribute it properly or use a free image) or design your own image in Canva.


Hopefully, we helped to answer some of your common blog questions and gave you some ideas on how you can improve your current process.

If you want to learn more about our blogging process or our blogging services, reach out to us here!





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