When your fingers refuse to type another word, your body is telling you it’s time for a break. For writers, this can be a scary problem because once you stop writing, you worry you won’t start again!

While there’s something to be said for just grinding through the work, it’s equally important to know when you need a mental break. So when you’re struggling to focus or can’t finish your sentence, take a break!

The type of break you take matters for your creative process. Keep reading for our suggestions on what to do when you don’t want to write anymore:

Take A Walk

There’s nothing better than getting up from your desk to get your creative juices flowing. Just taking a few minutes to get up and moving can have a major effect on your mood. You’ll feel more awake, more refreshed, and more prepared to write some more.

Eat A Snack

What’s better for your brain than some food, right? Just be careful to not munch on a sugary snack because while you’ll get an instant high, you’ll crash just a few hours later. Instead, go for a piece of fruit or something with some protein which will help you stay focused.

Call A Friend

Sometimes you just can’t keep writing because you need to sort out your idea. Why not take a break to call a friend or colleague to discuss your next step. Not only does it give your brain a break, it gives you the change to get a second opinion from someone you trust.

Read An Article

There’s no better way to fall in love with the writing process than to read an article. But not just any article, read an article about something other than what you’re writing about. Find an article that looks interesting to you and spend a few moments reading it. Then, savor the article by taking a moment to think about what you liked about it. Hopefully, it will help you remember what you love about the process yourself.

Take A Nap

Really struggling to keep your eyes open? The best thing might be to take a quick, 20-minute cat nap. One tip we’ve learned over the years? Take a yoga nap! This is where you lie on the ground, on your back, with your arms and legs outstretched like a starfish. Then focus on your breathing, slowly in and out. Then, lie still (ideally in a dark room) for 20 minutes. Trust us, you’ll wake up feeling incredibly rejuvenated and ready to write!

Hopefully, we helped you find a few productive ways to improve your writing process.

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