Have your latest campaigns fallen flat? We’ve been there too! If your ROI seems to stay flat no matter how creative your ideas are, it might be time to reevaluate your storytelling.

What do we mean by storytelling? Storytelling is when an opinion, idea, or moment is communicated to deliver a desired message.

So why do brands care about storytelling? Storytelling helps a brand to display their personality and angle while connecting with their consumer base. Essentially, it’s a way to break down any barriers between a brand and their customers.

So if you’re wanting to up the ante on your marketing campaigns, it’s time to practice your storytelling! Here’s how:

Show Your True Colors

One of the best parts of storytelling is that you have complete control over how the story is told. So what this means is that you can infuse any personality or humor that you want! In your next campaign, let your true colors show by telling the story in your own words and in your own way.

Remember Who The Lead Is

Every story is different and can be full of many characters but make sure to keep one thing straight: Your brand is the main character. The story is yours to tell but make sure you focus on the important part which is helping your customer to understand your brand. Use storytelling to invite your customer in and then once you have your attention, reveal how great your company is by showing them who the lead is.

Make Them Laugh And Cry

The best stories evoke a range of emotions so don’t let yours be any different! While telling your story, be sure that you honor your story but make sure you make it enjoyable for those who are reading. What’s a better way to ensure that your audience is enjoying your story than if you make them feel an emotion? Just be sure to avoid any feelings of anger…unless that’s your goal!

Leave Them Hanging

Don’t completely leave them hanging, but you definitely want to keep them coming back for more! Whether you try to tell your story in episodes or you want to try and create an addicting story, make sure your consumers are hooked!


We know that storytelling is easier said than done so if you’re still wanting some help, we’d be happy to give you a hand!

Or, if you want to learn more about our writing process or our writing services, reach out to us here!

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