There are thousands of careers for a reason. People have different aptitudes and passions so it doesn’t make sense to force everyone into the same job. Some people excel at math while others struggle. Some find learning languages easy while others can’t make sense of it.

Society has long celebrated the idea of individualism but more recently, an added focus on that topic has grown. Now more than ever, we are learning to accept those as they come without expecting or trying to change someone into something they’re not. While we’re all for celebrating individuality, there’s one thing we think everyone should do: Write.

For some, writing has carried them through primary education all the way to their current careers. For others, they left writing in their rearview the moment they submitted their final essay in college. No matter a person’s aptitude for writing, the process holds a special power over us.

While it might be somewhat controversial, here’s why we should all write.

Encourages Introspection

Dealing with our problems is something that all of us need to tackle head-on at some point in our lives. If not, we run the risk of jeopardizing future success by living in the past. Writing helps us to deal with our feelings in a safe way. By simply journaling about how certain moments in our life made us feel, we’re able to recognize the feeling and move past it.

Being more in touch with how we feel and think is a skill that we should all strive for as emotional intelligence is more important than many realize. Using writing as a tool to understand and share our innermost thoughts — even if only to ourselves — is a valuable habit to incorporate.

Helps Build Reasonable Arguments

If you’ve ever been on the receiving side of a ridiculous argument, you may have thought, “I wish they had researched this topic a bit more before going off on this tangent…,” we’re right there with you. On more than one occasion, we’ve changed our opinions on something after having researched the topic.

When writing, you’re often forced to cite your sources, meaning you’ve read at least some outside opinions. By writing regularly, we’re often humbled to learn that an opinion we held as fact might not be all we imagined it to be.

Forces Additional Learning

Like the abovementioned section shared, writing without some focus on fact is a dangerous past time. Whether the fact is based on hard data or common feelings, inauthentic musings can be discovered quickly when a degree of truth is lacking.

Writing expands the mind. It forces us to explore new terrains across a wide variety of topics. This forced learning creates space for new ideas and theories while simultaneously teaching respect and tolerance towards others.

Chronicles Growth

Like many others, we too have had days where we question our future and how far we’ve actually come. By writing about how our lives are changing and advancing, we’re leaving breadcrumbs that remind us of who we used to be. This can encourage us on our paths or it can be the encouragement we need to return to a path.

No matter your interests or passions, you’ll never regret writing. Whether you use it for documentation, catharsis, or learning, it will only help you get where you ultimately want to be.

We know that writing is easier said than done so if you’re still wanting some help, we’d be happy to give you a hand!

Or, if you want to learn more about our writing process or our writing services, reach out to us here!

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